Sexy, Radiant, Silver

Discover the right colors for your silver hair that uplevel & transform your look! This NEW, 2.5 hour Masterclass will provide you step-by-step guidance and examples to help you discover your most radiant colors.

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The Color Codes to Ascension: Integration

In this 60 minute online seminar, receive channeled information based on the Gospel of Mary Magdalene for working with the first emanation of ego and activating your soul's ascension. During our time together, we’ll journey to the Living Library of Colored Light. You will receive the 1st activation, Comprise, and then the 2nd activation, Integration. Following will be the teachings of the first power through the language of color.


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The Science of Color

Explore Color Science, Theory & Harmony in this Video Workshop.


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Your Color DNA

In this 4-week progressively delivered training program, you’ll discover your best colors and manifest your true beauty through your own unique color palette.


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Unveil the deep meanings of the soul colors

Soul Colors

In this 12-week program, you’ll discover the meaning of each soul color in the visible spectrum, and learn to use specific colors to create or attract the right vibrations, messages and relationship dynamics to supercharge your intentions and manifest your dreams.


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Certification Level II: Secrets of Multidimensional Color

For Certification in the Light Worker Path. Step forward in a bold and powerful way as a Certified Multidimensional Color Practitioner, the second level of color expertise in working within the realms of color energy.


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Certification Level I: Beginning Color Analysis

For Certification in the Personal Color path. Get the color knowledge and private attention you need to see and analyze a client’s colors accurately, learn the tricks of the trade to avoid making mistakes, and hit the ground running to bring in additional income.

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$2,897 or $397/mo

Certification Level II: Secrets of Personal Color

For certification in the Personal Color path. Step forward in a bold and powerful way as a Certified Holistic Color Practitioner, the second level of color expertise. Payment plan available.


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What Our Students Have to Say

I was so surprised and impressed with Arden’s depth of knowledge on the history of color, how we see color and how it even reflects our inner personality. Her passion for the world of color is infectious.

Discovering all the nuances of my own unique coloring was so fun. And, getting to see the other participants with their colors was awe inspiring…what a colorful world we live in!
Sandy Evenson
From Georgia, USA
I’ve had extensive training in colour, however no one has approached colour like Arden does in such a deep & meaningful way that allows for one’s personality to be reflected through the colours we wear.
Anna Chandler
From New Zealand
Arden's course was the richest online course experience I’ve had to date. It was beautifully conceived and packed full with practical information.

I thought I would learn what colors looked best on me; I did AND I also learned SO MUCH MORE. I can’t remember a class I took that has brought me such pleasure!
Deborah Grandinetti
From New Jersey, USA
I do Crystal Healing Therapy and was excited to take my color knowledge to a new level and share it with others.

I’m using color more in my existing practice of Crystal (and now Color!) energy healing. I’m excited for the knowledge to grow on me even more with practice. I can now say I have a lot of confidence in my intuition when choosing colors!
Andy Kennedy
From California, USA