Learn the Art, Science and Soul of Color

Discover the true light language of color and how to communicate your authentic self to the world.

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rainbow tribe

Rainbow Tribe Membership

Closed to new participants.

high-vibe dressing

High-Vibe Dressing

FREE High-Vibe Dressing Course. Learn the Arden Color Method that makes dressing mindfully and authentically virtually foolproof.


Vision Session

Available to certification mentees.

whats your color language

What’s Your Color Language?

This series of 5 workshops covers the language of your inner and outer colors, how to see them, and how to work with them for healing and transformation.

In Beta

Personal ColorFluency

Go from feeling invisible and confused to gaining full clarity about the colors that bring forward your powerful presence.

high-vibe colors course

High-Vibe Colors

Access only available to prior participants.

secrets of soul colors

ColorMastery Part 1

Mystery School Program Access Only. 1st Level of Intuitive ColorMastery.


ColorMastery Part 2

Mystery School Program Access Only. Develop ColorMastery in working within the realms of color energy.


Sexy, Radiant, Silver

Discover the right colors for your silver hair that uplevel and transform your look! This 2-part Masterclass will provide you step-by-step guidance and examples to help you discover your most radiant colors.


Certification Level I: Beginning Color Analysis

For Certification in the Personal ColorFluency path. Get the color knowledge and private attention you need to see and analyze a client’s colors accurately, learn the tricks of the trade to avoid making mistakes, and hit the ground running to bring in additional income.


The Science of Color

Explore Color Science, Theory & Harmony in this Video Workshop.


The Interplay of Black + White

FREE PREVIEW. 1st Module of Intutive ColorMastery. Discover the roles white (light) and black (shadow) play in transformation. Plus, learn the 10 main hues and how to determine your soul and life path color.