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Personal ColorFluency

Personal ColorFluency, Beta Go from feeling invisible and confused to gaining full clarity about the colors that bring forward your powerful presence. Color speaks to you already, but quietly, and you know there’s more.  Yet you’re confused about how to use color to bring forward an authentic and aligned message about who you are. Although …

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whats your color language

What’s Your Color Language?

NEW! (5) 90-min LIVE Workshops Discover the colors that communicate your true essence and how to work with them for healing and transformation. WORKSHOP #1: Clarify Your Color Language WORKSHOP #2: Identify Your Color Allies WORKSHOP #3: Clear Your Color Enemies WORKSHOP #4: Leverage Your Color Energy WORKSHOP #5: Create Your Powerful Presence What’s Your …

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high-vibe dressing

High-Vibe Dressing

FREE High-Vibe Dressing CHALLENGE Learn the Arden Color Method that makes dressing mindfully and authentically virtually foolproof. VIDEO #1: Learn the 8 key premises for High-Vibe Dressing and how your spirit, beauty and wardrobe work together in a powerful way. VIDEO #2: Utilize 3 simple practices to evaluate your closet, integrate your emotional stories and …

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The Science of Color

In this exploration of color, we start with the simple question: “What is color?” We’ll look at the scientific explanations for why our basic biological needs influence the way we perceive and experience color. Also, we will delve into the various symbolic and emotional associations we make with colors, and how those shape our personal …

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ColorMastery Part 2

For Certification in the Creative Light Worker Path. Step forward in a bold and powerful way as a Certified Multidimensional Color Practitioner, the Rose Gold level of color expertise in working within the realms of color energy.

high-vibe colors course

High-Vibe Colors

4-week Program to discover your true colors and manifest your beauty with Arden Reece High-Vibe Colors (formerly Your Color DNA) takes you by the hand to create your unique color palette that aligns with your true colors and helps you manifest your authentic beauty. In this 4-week progressively delivered training program, you’ll be guided through the …

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secrets of soul colors

ColorMastery Part 1

In this 6-week program, you’ll discover the meaning of each soul color in the visible spectrum, and learn to use specific colors to create or attract the right vibrations, messages and relationship dynamics to supercharge your intentions and manifest your dreams.

If you’re ready to delve deep into the rabbit hole of color, this course was designed for you!

Certification Level I: Beginning Color Analysis

Get the color knowledge and private attention you need to see and analyze a client’s colors accurately, learn the tricks of the trade to avoid making mistakes, and hit the ground running to bring in additional income.

Sexy, Radiant, Silver

Discover the right colors for your silver hair that uplevel & transform your look! This 2.5 hour Video Masterclass will provide you step-by-step guidance and examples to help you discover your most radiant colors.