Certification Level I: Beginning Color Analysis

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For Certification in the Personal Color Path. Step forward in a bold and powerful way as a Certified Color Specialist and work with clients in bringing forward their true colors and beauty.

This beginning private virtual training program is for the new color practitioner, wardrobe consultant or energy healer who is ready to grow her business income by adding color analysis to her service offerings in transforming her clients’ with colors that bring out their natural beauty.

The course is structured into four parts which cover How to Speak Color, Creating & Mapping a Color Blueprint, Conducting a Color Session and Final Q&A / Skill Practice. The skills, ideas and breakthroughs you’ll gain from this highly productive time will give you the confidence to go out and start doing live color sessions.

Get the color knowledge and private attention you need to see and analyze a client’s colors accurately, learn the tricks of the trade to avoid making mistakes, and hit the ground running to bring in additional income.

What Could You Accomplish by Taking This Course?

You want to know that your business and your color knowledge will change as a result. Having dedicated time with Arden focused on you and your training needs is key! Here are just some of the results you can expect when you go through Beginning Color Analysis:

  • Know and Identify Colors with the Munsell Notation System.  The Munsell Notation system is a color matching system that puts you in control of color & helps you communicate color easily and effectively. The system was developed using the 3 attributes of color: hue, value and chroma. You’ll learn the language and notation so that you can see color accurately…no more wondering what hue indigo, rose and emerald really ARE!
  • Be Able to Pull the Right Colors from the Pro Color System. You’ll dive into the Pro Color System and get uber comfortable with the neutrals and colors. You’ll see how it’s aligned with the Munsell notation system and also get a preview to the color types & personalities associated with each color so that you’re always selecting the right color for the right personality.
  • Easily Identify Color Temperature, Chroma and Values in Your Clients.  Seeing color accurately helps you to select the right colors for your client. You’ll dive into seeing and working on examples where you’ll hone your skill in identifying a person’s color temperature, chroma and value/contrasts in her hair, skin and eyes.
  • Effortlessly Put Together a Client Blueprint. Hone in on your client’s Color Type and personality by putting together and mapping a Color Blueprint. A Color Blueprint allows you to see your client’s Color Type & personality and identify easily her contrast levels and if she is warm, cool, or an even combination of both.
  • Intuitively Pull the Right Palette Together for a Client.  Conducting an empowering and transformative color session includes a good part of color theory mixed with the art of seeing. You’ll learn how to use your intuition and knowledge to get the right palette for your client each and every time.

What it Includes

  • Private Virtual 90-Minute Session with Arden on How to See Color ($750.)  This is a rare and powerful opportunity to spend over an hour with Arden, focused exclusively on your color skills and areas that you need specific help with!
  • Arden Reece Color Pro System ($1197.) 
  • Munsell Student Workbook ($100.) 
  • (4) At-your-pace Leaning Modules ($1000.) How to Speak Color, Creating & Mapping a Color Blueprint, Conducting a Color Session and Develop Your Skill Practice.

The course comes with the following two items which are shipped to you upon course registration:

  • Arden Reece Pro Color System ($1197 value)
  • Munsell Student Color Guide ($100 value)

Please allow 7-10 days for receipt of delivery.