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We’ll explore the frequently neglected amplifiers which are assigned only as Soul Colors, and will never appear as your Life Path Color. Silver and gold are associated with higher chakras. While silvers help clear and crystalize another color to bring greater clarity and calm, golds help to elevate a color to it’s true vibration. 

During this week, you’ll…

  • Discover the vibration of the amplifiers and how they express themselves in your personality, emotions and physical form.
  • Explore the characteristics of these souls and what their purpose is.
  • Practice using your silver and gold chakras to manifest an intention.
  • Experience an amplifier visualization to enhance your soul color.

Part 1

Part 2

Color Focus for the Week: SILVER + GOLD

Use and wear silver or gold this week. Notice where you find it most in your day-to-day activities and write them down. Focus on jewelry, interior decor, your closet and share what you discover in our Facebook group.

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