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11/11 Recorded Seminar: Integration

This is the time of year when everyone is planning. Creating budgets for the new year, setting business goals and visions…looking to the future. To the new decade, the 20’s.

  • What will this decade bring forward?
  • What areas of your life and the world do you want to see glow and bring forward?
  • And how can Spirit and color assist in your growing awareness?
  • How do you integrate heaven on earth, within you?

That is not a question but more of a proposition to you. You know it’s within but how do you begin?

  • How do you integrate the subtle and physical realms?
  • When does working with spirit become natural and automatic for you?
  • In what way do you express your complete and total humanness?

It’s not magic. Mystical, perhaps, but it is your Divine right to BE.

Divine Feminine: Integration and becoming fully human

‘The pilgrim does not always know where she is going, but the Way knows it.”*

Last year I spent 3 months in Languedoc country in France…the epicenter of the Divine Feminine. I went specifically because I was called.

I didn’t know why or how it would all come to pass—I didn’t even know the history of Mary’s travels through this region—but I knew I had to go. And it was there where my understanding and integration began.

In the Gospel of Mary Magdalene* she talks about the 7 Emanations (or Powers) of the Ego. The first emanation is darkness. The Divine Feminine & Masculine show us the path to walk to overcome these powers.

In this 60-minute broadcast, receive channeled information based on the Gospel of Mary Magdalene for working with the first emanation of ego and activating your soul’s ascension path. Here is the message from Spirit:

“To be fully human is to remember the love that you are. We do this as the 2nd activation within the Living Library of Colored Light.

The electrical current of 1’s affect a positive change. At an activation point of 11:11:11 on 11/11 this becomes a stable point for integration and activation of your human gifts.

We would like to guide you through this portal. It is multidimensional in that form dissipates and love prevails. Outside the space/time barrier we are able to work on you to provide you the activations you need at this time.  Yes, it is quantum in its creation—meaning that each soul vehicle is provided what will best serve their ascension.”

During our time together, you’ll journey to the Living Library of Colored Light. You will receive the 1st activation, Comprise, and then the 2nd activation, Integration. Following will be the teachings of the first power through the language of color.

This is the first of a multi-part series of Divine Feminine teachings accessed through a channeled connection to the Color Council and Ascended Masters on how to overcome the limitations of the ego and fully integrate your Divine being.

$33, Includes Video and Downloadable Meditation


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11/11 Integration Activations