meet arden

Arden Reece

Arden Reece is a recognized soul-powered color practitioner, author and teacher who has guided people around the world to create meaningful transformations in their lives and businesses.

Her 14+ years of studies and research on personal coloring (including intensive interdisciplinary color training with the highly regarded International Association of Color Consultants / Designers) helped increase her awareness of the subtle energies of color where she’s developed color systems & offerings that align with the science (Munsell notation), art (Itten theory) and soul of color.

She’s the perfect guide to help you navigate the simple yet profound world of color. She’ll playfully show you the many ways you can use color to illuminate your authentic, radiant self and enhance every aspect of your life.

Arden’s color credentials have been shared on stage with organizations such as Genentech, Jhirmack, Tri Delta, San Jose State University and many more. Her color expertise has been featured in the San Diego Times, Freshbooks, Well + Good and she’s taught hundreds of individuals worldwide through The Shift Network, the Style Institute, and Arden Reece Color.

Arden lives in Northern San Diego—the sweet spot of the universe—full of remarkable color.